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Lara Goldmark, CEO

Lara Goldmark founded startup Just Results to disrupt the international development industry. She’s known for leading projects that have lasting success, and for bringing others together to do the same. Just Results is the world’s first international development company to offer results-based contracts exclusively, working direct-to-country.

Lara has spent time living and working in Brazil, North Africa, and 20+ other emerging market countries, with specialization in investment climate reform, workforce development, and agricultural value chains.


  • Vice President for Economic Growth, DAI

  • Director of Private Sector Innovations, FHI 360

  • Columbia University

  • Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Lara’s publications

Where do Jobs Come From? With Tommy Galloway. USAID Workforce Connections, 2015.

Skills for Jobs for Growth: Effective Human Capital Development in a Changing World of Work. With Monica Aring. USAID, 2013.

The Jobs Challenge: Fresh Perspectives on the Global Employment Crisis. DAI. Developing Alternatives, 2012.

Small Firm Growth in Developing Countries. With Simeon Nichter. World Development, 2009.

Competitive Strategies for Agriculture-Related MSEs: From Seeds to Supermarket Shelves. With Cynthia Steen and Rich Magnani. USAID/DAI, 2006.

An Inside View of Latin American Microfinance. With Marguerite Berger and Tomás Miller Sanabria. IDB, 2006.

Trade, Micro- and Small Enterprises, and Global Value Chains. With Ted Barber. USAID/DAI, 2005.

The Financial Viability of Business Development Services. Small Enterprise Development, 1999.


Alex Macdonald,
Director of Data and Quantitative Research

Alex Macdonald is obsessed with precision, a passion he brings to his role as Director of Data and Quantitative Research at Just Results. Alex builds analytical and predictive models, conducts data analysis, and ensures that our recommendations and interventions are supported by robust frameworks. Prior to joining Just Results Alex worked with S&P Global Ratings US public finance division and has earlier experience consulting in the energy industry. Alex graduated with an M.A. in Economics and an M.A. in International Relations from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. He received his B.A. from the University of Dallas.



Ivan Rossignol, Strategic Adviser

Ivan Rossignol is a former Director (Chief Technical Specialist) of the World Bank, where he set-up and launched the Competitive Industries Global Practice and managed the Finance and Private Sector department for South Asia. In addition to South Asia, Ivan has worked in all the Sub-Saharan African countries, most CIS countries, and in several East Asian countries. He currently advises several multilateral institutions, including AIIB, the World Bank, and several consulting firms, on issues that touch on Growth and Competitiveness, PPPs, Infrastructure and Agglomerations of economies (zones, growth corridors).  Ivan is also an Adjunct Professor in Economics at the University of Edinburgh and at Heriot Watt University.

Ivan grew up in the South Pacific on the island of New Caledonia, and has lived in France, the US, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Cameroon and India. He is an avid cyclist, and currently shares his time between the U.S. and Provence, France.

Jean Michel Mas, Investment Climate

Jean Michel Mas is a specialist in investment climate reform with extensive experience in project management. Over the past 20 years Jean Michel has been the go-to expert on administrative process reengineering in developing countries, leading the implementation of projects with USAID, World Bank, UNCTAD, GIZ, and other organizations. In Morocco he designed a pioneering e-solution called e-invest, supported the establishment of the national business environment committee (Comité National du Climat des Affaires – CNEA) globally recognized as a best-practice reform committee, and supported the implementation of a cross-agency system that allows all of government to identify and track enterprises  (known as the common business identifier). Selected publications are listed below.

  • A roadmap for the development of labor market information system - African Union/ FHI 360 (2016)

  • Rapport sur l'impact du Code du travail sur le climat des affaires au Maroc - USAID 2014

  • Deuxième enquête régionale sur le climat des affaires dans l’Oriental et le Doukkala Abda - USAID, 2012

  • Première enquête régionale sur le climat des affaires dans l’Oriental et le Doukkala Abda - USAID, 2010.

  • Beyond the Doing Business - USAID 2009 Doing Business : stimulus de la réforme administrative - USAID, 2009.

  • Les nantissements, levier de l’accès au crédit pour l’entreprise marocaine - USAID, 2008.

  • Le Bilan de l’investissement 2003-2007: Le Maroc est dans la course - USAID, 2007.

  • Guide sur la méthodologie et les instruments de mise en réseau des PME - UE/PAAP, 2005.

Kjartan Sorensen, Investment Climate

Kjartan Sorensen has managed investment climate reform projects in North and sub-Saharan Africa for more than ten years. From 2009 to 2014 he lived in Morocco, Burkina Faso and Tanzania working for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). There he oversaw the implementation of eRegulations, an effort to bring transparency to and simplify investment-related procedures and eRegistration systems to automate business and investor registrations (http://mybusiness.cm) in more than 10 countries in Africa.

Now based in New York, Kjartan currently coordinates the East African Community Trade Facilitation project to install trade portals (such as http://infotradekenya.go.ke) to simplify regulations for the import, export and transit of goods in East Africa. A Danish citizen, Kjartan grew up in France and holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from McGill University in Canada and a MSc in International Development and Business from Roskilde University in Denmark.

Nilanj Desai, Partnerships and Investment

Nilanj Desai is Director of Partnerships and Investment. After over fifteen years as both an international development professional and as a partner to nonprofit CEOs on pressing strategy, fundraising, and project management needs, Nilanj knows how to help organizations plan ahead, maximize talent, design and manage projects, and secure diverse partners and funding for those projects. He co-managed and secured over $15 million for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) projects to rebuild major hospitals in Iraq, to ensure local access to jobs being created at Iraqi oil fields, and to help rural Iraqi women to better support their families. At Education For Employment (EFE), Nilanj helped broaden the organization’s funding model, modernized its fundraising apparatus, co-led its 2020 strategic planning process, and secured over $4 million in new project funding, including for one of the first ever US-funded jobs programs in Algeria.

In recent years Nilanj has advised several DC organizations on strategy, fundraising, and board development, while launching a number of real estate ventures including his own company, Desai Properties. Nilanj holds a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University and a Master’s degree in Economics and Development from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Colin Cook, Research

Colin Cook has a passion for efficiency and strives to bring this into his work as a Research Analyst at Just Results. Colin conducts project research, data analysis, and supports financial planning and business development. Prior to joining Just Results, Colin analyzed regulatory policy for businesses in Florida and worked at a think-tank analyzing tax policy at the state level. Colin graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Economics.

Kathryn Eliscar, Finance and Accounting

Kathryn Eliscar enjoys making order out of chaos. Whether it is a handful of crumpled receipts, or an excel file listing of expenses, she'll build a chart of accounts, translate the raw data into accounting software, and generate financial reports needed for filing taxes. Kathryn works with a variety of individuals and small business clients, helping them track the flow of dollars generated through their endeavors. Which is not as completely different as you might think from her earlier career in chemistry, where the flow of electrons is a basic principle. Kathryn received an M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Oregon and her B.S. from George Fox University.

Ben Levy, Summer Research Analyst

Ben is a graduate student at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University where he is pursuing a master’s degree in development economics and international business. His BA is in history, from Bates College. After graduating from Bates, Ben worked at a multinational law firm in Boston, in the business immigration practice. Prior to joining the Fletcher School, he worked at a university in Leogane, Haiti, helping the school develop and implement an English language program, and teaching English to 150 nursing students.

 Meghan Gaffney, Summer Research Analyst

Meghan is an undergraduate student at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, where she is pursuing a BS in Foreign Service with a major in International Politics concentrating in International Law. She has previous experience interning in the non-profit sector, focusing on girls’ education in Kenya.

Our global network

We work with a global, invitation-only network of trusted experts. Click on the map to see where we have worked and what we have achieved. (Refresh page if interactive map does not show up).


New Markets Lab
The New Markets Lab (NML) is an international law and development center focused on strengthening the links between economic law and regulation, development, entrepreneurship, and social good. 

NML's approach uses human-centered design to give emerging enterprises and the economically disadvantaged a more direct role in shaping regulatory systems, supporting inclusive market growth while providing hands-on training for partner organizations, policymakers, enterprises, and early career lawyers from developing and developed countries alike.

Katrin Kuhlmann, President

Katrin Kuhlmann is the President and Founder of the New Markets Lab, a non-profit law and development center.  She is also a Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School and an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law Center, and she serves as a member of the Trade Advisory Committee on Africa of the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR). Her areas of focus include trade and development, economic law and regulation, entrepreneurship, regional trade, and international legal and regulatory reform.

She is published widely and frequently speaks on these topics, and she has testified before Congress on several occasions. Ms. Kuhlmann is a Senior Associate with the Global Food Security Project of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and a member of the Advisory Boards of the Law and International Development Society (LIDS) at Harvard and Georgetown Law Schools; the Bretton Woods Committee; the Trade Policy Forum; the Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and the Trade, Finance, and Development Experts Group of the E15 Initiative led by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development and the World Economic Forum.  She serves on the boards of Listening for America, the Washington International Trade Association, and Malaika Foundation.

Ana María Garcés, Senior Legal Fellow

Ana María Garcés is a Senior Legal Fellow at the New Markets Lab, based in New York. She currently focuses on digital trade and technology issues and has assisted with projects on impact investing and fertilizer. Previously, Ana served as an advisor to the Colombian government in international trade matters. Her responsibilities included drafting Colombia’s submissions and assisting with evidence gathering and analysis, as well as providing the government with legal advice regarding international trade matters, including legal assessments of trade measures to be adopted by Colombia and other countries.  In her role as Junior Counsel with the Advisory Centre on WTO Law in Geneva, Switzerland, Ana assisted several developing countries on dispute settlement and capacity building on the WTO Agreement. She earned her LLM as a Harlan Fiske Scholar at Columbia University in New York. She also holds Economics, Law, and Business Law degrees from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá Colombia. Ana was sworn in to the New York Bar this January.

Amawi, Takouri & Associates

Amawi, Takrouri, & Associates (ATA) is the first Arab consulting firm specialized in regulatory reform, policy development and public policy advocacy. Based in Jordan, ATA was established to support policy development and regulatory reform initiatives in the Arab World, by providing the needed technical support to decision makers in the public sector, business associations, non-profit organizations, consulting companies, and donor agencies.    

ATA’s approach is based on international practices that ensure competitive regulatory environment, modern institutional system, and better policy-making process, using tailor made analytical tools and solutions guided by the international governance principles.

Mohammad Amawi, Managing Partner

Mohammad Amawi is an institutional and policy development advisor with over 28 years of experience as a professional consultant and trainer in the fields of policy development and regulatory reform, management, planning, marketing, and soft skills development.

In his capacity as ATA Managing Partner, and previously as Public Sector Pillar Lead at the USAID Economic Development Program, and Project Manager to several USAID, DFID, and EU funded projects, Mr. Amawi played significant roles in managing technical assistance projects for public and private sector organizations aiming at improving their competitiveness and performance. In addition, he has extensive experience in instituting change within government agencies with the aim of enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector. He is experienced in the areas of institutional development and capacity building of the public and private sectors, public sector reform, licensing streamlining, industrial operations and management as well as development project management.


You have something big on your hands. Maybe it's gestating, or maybe it's already moving. You need to act, you need a brand, and maybe you need it yesterday. This doesn't have to take a year, or six months, or three months. We build a brand in a day, or a week. It’s all about our clients and their vision. We trust, and we create. Let's just do it right now.

Hallie Easley, Co-founder

Hallie Easley is a brand strategist who tells stories through photography and video. She helps purpose driven people and organizations tell their stories and engage their clients with compelling and creative content. Hallie's experience includes working at the cross-section of visual storytelling and communications for the Whole Foods Market, the Ford Foundation, and NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. She has extensive international experience leading projects in Central America, all regions of Africa, the Middle East, and North America. She is a native English speaker and fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Evan Sargent, Co-founder

Evan Sargent is an intuitive creative director, strategist, and designer with a knack for seeing the big picture and a love for co-creating in the moment. What language should your business speak? Evan develops your unique positioning and design from scratch. She helps change agents get what they need to get into action immediately.