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Role Models + Best Practices

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    Best Practices:
  • Single window online application including name reservation, registration, tax and social security
  • Online payment

New Zealand's single online application for all necessary procedures is instantly processed to allow you to start a business in a few hours


    Best Practices:
  • Single online portal for all necessary procedures/agencies?
  • High quality building safety regulation
  • Speedy processing, minimum steps

Denmark’s digital building application allows users to quickly obtain a permit while still enforcing high quality building regulations


    Best Practices:
  • Low cost online procedures/payment
  • Automated tools to monitor outages and restore service
  • Regulatory auditing (external)
  • Financial incentives to limit outages

Malaysia has created a quick online application process and a highly reliable electricity supply using automated tools

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Model Case Studies

Global best practices inform all of our work. Focusing on time and motion indicators in the Ease of Doing Business Index has led to improved investment climates in the countries below.


In the past 15 years Georgia has gone from a near failed state in 2003 to being invaded in 2007 to now being ranked the 6th easiest country in the world in which to do business, leading to a nearly 6 times increase in FDI as in 2003.


Communism, two wars in the 1990s, and the late adaption of liberal economic reforms were compounded by the 2008 global financial crisis, leaving Serbia struggling economically. Serbia’s notoriously difficult investment climate didn’t help either as the country tried to recover from the recession. Only since 2014 has an aggressive reform agenda begun to yield major results.

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Estonia is a country with one of the longest histories of digital governance, dating to the first decade of its independence with universal internet access in schools by 1998 and internet being declared as a human right in 2000. As a result this early digital mindset, Estonia set itself up to be a pioneer in e-government.

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