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We work in these three areas: intro copy here.

Our Primary Offering

Better Investment Climate


It’s better to start with the nuts and bolts – that’s how we’re able to guarantee results. We can raise your Ease of Doing Business Index ranking and directly improve your real and perceived investment climate—guaranteed.

  • First, we identify the highest potential interventions. We offer performance-based contracts to qualifying countries.

  • Second, we start with nitty gritty projects like streamlining government procedures. It’s tedious work, but it’s poetry to us–and it works. 


All indicators are not created equal.

The Ease of Doing Business Index consists of ten indicators. We’ve studied how countries that have improved their investment climates did it, using methods that we are experts in. We are committed to improving investment climates globally, one country at a time, by starting at #1 and working through the indicators as needed. 


Time and Motion Indicators

The time and motion indicators are based on time, cost, and number of procedures.

We knock these out with our eyes closed, especially the first four. Improving the first four alone could be enough to raise your ranking.

1. Starting a Business

2. Dealing with Construction Permits

3. Registering Property

4. Getting Credit

5. Protecting Minority Investors

6. Enforcing Contracts


Legal Indicators

The legal indicators are based on whether a law does or doesn’t exist. More unknowns and more ideology — that’s why we have a legal partner:

Legal info partner info here

7. Getting Credit

8. Protecting Minority Investors

9. Enforcing Contracts

10. Resolving Insolvency

11. Labor Market Regulation


Governments have so many procedures. Obtaining a tax clearance, for example, can involve way too many steps.

Harmonization creates simplified processes across government agencies — guaranteed to raise your ranking with the Doing Business indexes.



Get in touch to talk about performance-based for increasing your Ease of Doing Business Index ranking.